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 About Hack : (How-to-Hack) Risk Your Life !!!!!

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PostSubject: About Hack : (How-to-Hack) Risk Your Life !!!!!   Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:39 pm

So I have yet to find any guides on hacking the game Risk Your Life 2
(RYL2) so I thought I would share the information I have gained so far.
I will be updating/editing this post with new/updated information
whenever I gain it. This guide is currently covering hacks such as:

Hack A - Changing Your Name In Chats (Commands such as /c, /e, and even public chat)
Hack B - Changing Skill Delays (The duration that you cannot cast a skill)
Hack C - Editing Item Stats with Normal Merchants (Purchase 4k items from the merchants)
Hack D - Putting Items in Any Slot (Swords in boot, glove, armor, etc. slots)
Hack E - How to Bypass GameGuard

lets go ahead and check out Hack A. I apologize for this inexact way of
doing it, but I know that this way will work and I am not yet aware of
a better way (Please feel free to let me know of any quicker/better
ways of finding these values). So here is the step-by-step guide for
changing your Character's Name inside of the chat box.
Hack A - Changing Your Name In Chats

This hack will only change your name in Public Chat, /c Chat, and /e
Chat. Sending messages in /s Chat (PM) will show your character's
actual name.
- This hack does not change the name above your head,
only the name displayed in the chat box and the name displayed above
you when chatting.
- This hack is easy to track since a server's Chat Logs will still contain your account info.

Step 1: Preparation
off, you will need to be running Gameguard Rev 545. To check which
version your game uses you must start your RYL2 Client. Once you have
gotten to the screen for you to Login with your ID and Password, press
the Windows Button or Alt-Tab so you can see the Task Bar. Move your
mouse over by the clock and Click the arrow pointing Left to show all.
You will see an blue icon with a yellow shape looking over it that
looks somewhat like a " ^ ". Place your mouse over this icon and it
will say "nProtect GameMon Rev ____" The ____ is what version of
Gameguard that is running. If you are above version 545 then you may
download the files for version 545 here.
I use the RYL2 Reunion client so the GG_Hosts.exe may not work
correctly for all other servers (I haven't tried it on other servers so
this is just a warning). To change your GameGuard version back to 545
you will need to download the .rar and Open the folder inside. Once
that folder is opened you will see a "Gameguard" folder, a few files
with various file extensions, and a GG_Hosts.exe file. You will need to
Extract ALL of those files into your "...\CIB\RYL2" folder. Overwrite
All old files (Make backups if you wish), then run GG_Hosts.exe. The
next time you run the game it will be using GameGuard version 545 and
it will not update (so far so good on the not updating, it's been quite
a few months that I've used it)

Step 2: Using MHS to find your name
your game and start up MHS. Then open process "Client.exe" in MHS
(Using GG rev 545 allows it to show up on the "Main Procceses"). Once
opened we are going to use "Search > String Search" and make sure it
is set to ASCII, then search for your character's name. If Iuse a
Archer named -KillerArcher- then I would search for -KillerArcher- and
then press OK. You will see a list of addresses show up in Found Addresses that show your name. Double click all of them that show your name. There should be quite a few.

Step 3: Using MHS to change your name
that we have a list of addresses to use we will begin to find the ones
that will change what it is that we would like to change, that being
our name on the in-game chat. To do this we will double click the first
address that we have and change the "Cur Value" to whatever new name we
would like. Ex: If I wanted to change my name from -KillerArcher- to
I'mAHacker then we would type "I'mAHacker" in the "Cur Value" box then
press OK. Now since we have more than 1 address that we found, this
first one we changed may not be the magical address. So go into your
game, type a message in the chat, and see what name it shows. If your
name is still -KillerArcher- then go back to MHS and try the next
address that you have. Repeat this until you find the address that,
when edited, changes your name in the chat. You have now successfully
hacked your name.
Note: If you
change your name to a shorter name such as changing "-KillerArcher-" to
"GM01", your name may change to "GM01lerArcher". To fix this I found
that typing "\0" at the end of your name will terminate the name where
you insert that, so naming yourself GM01\0 will cause your name to show as simply GM01. If you still have letters/symbols after adding the [color=blue\0[/color] then try a name such as GM01\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0\0

I will do my best to try and find a way to change the color of your name in chat as well, and help is definitely appreciated on this.
Hack B - Changing Skill Delays

Step 1: Preparation
Same as above.

Step 2: Using MHS to find the skill's delay
off you will need to know that for this hack my example will be a
Warrior using the skill knows as Slight Attack/Forceful Blow (It's the
All Nation skill usable with melee weapons to deal damage). You will
also need to know that Skill Delays are set to "0" when they are ready
to be used, and after they have been used the "0" will change to (Delay
Time in Seconds x 1000). Therefore if the skill has a Skill Delay of 8
seconds it will show up as "0" when it is ready to be used, then after
you use the skill it will change to "8000" and count down by 1 all the
way down a value of "0" again. It doesn't count slowly though, it will
change from "8000" to "7999" to "7998" all the way down to "0", but it
will be doing counting down at 1000 every second. (hope that makes
sense, image it as a timer showing 8 seconds as 8.000, then counting
down) Now, open RYL2 and MHS. Then use MHS to open the process
"Client.exe" as before. Once you have done this then we are going to do
"Search > Data-Type Search". We are going to change the value in the
Data Type box to "Short", and the value in the Evaluation Type box to "Unknown" then press OK. Next, we will go to "Search > Sub-Search" and change the Search Type
box to "Same as Before". This will eliminate any values that have
changed since the search we did previously and since we haven't used
the skill yet it is still "0", therefore it will not be eliminated. Now
the next thing we do will require some amount of speed to be able to
switch from the inside the game back over to MHS in order to hit OK
quickly. So what we are going to do is, in MHS, go to "Search >
Sub-Search" and change the "Same as Before" to "Different from Before",
but DO NOT press OK yet. With that Sub-Search window
still open we will Alt-Tab back to the game, and use our Slight
Attack/Forceful blow skill. Immediately after we will Alt-Tab to the
Sub-Search window and press OK. (What this step is going to do is eliminate any values that have not
changed since our previous search, and since we used our skill the
value changed from "0" up to "8000" and began to count down. This is
why we need to be quick with the step, if we are too slow (8 seconds
for the value of 8000) then the "8000" could count down to "0" and the
value would be eliminated because it did not change).
Now we
will wait for the Skill to be ready to use again (meaning the value is
again 0) and then do "Search > Sub-Search" do "Different from
Before" and press OK. This will elimate some more values. Now, we will
open "Search > Sub-Search" and make sure it is still on "Different
from Before", but again DO NOT press OK. Go to the
game, use Slight Attack/Forceful Blow, Alt-Tab to MHS and press OK.
Wait for the skill to be ready to use, go back to MHS do "Search >
Sub-Search" and "Different from Before", then repeat until it starts to
eliminate a very small amount (I usually stop once I am around 500-900

Step 3: Finding the Skill Delay Address
Now that we have a smaller list on the Found Addresses
box we are going to try and find the Skill Delay for our Slight
Attack/Forceful Blow skill. To do this we will again be alt-tabbing
pretty quickly in and out of game. So, go into the game and use Slight
Attack/Forceful Blow then Alt-Tab to MHS and look at the current list
of values. See if the any of the "Current Values" are counting down
from "8000" to "0" (Remember that 8000 is based off the 8 second skill
delay from our example). If you found the value that is counting down
then double click it so it shows up on the right, and then skip this
next part and go to Step 4. If you did not find the value then click
the list of addresses and press Page Down on your keyboard (just scroll
down if that isn't available, I just find Page Down easier). Then
repeat the step, go to the game, use the skill, alt-tab to MHS and try
to find the value counting down from "8000" to "0". If you found it
then skip to the Step 4. If you did not find it then you made a mistake
somewhere along, and I am sorry but you will need to start this process

Step 4: Changing the Skill Delay Value
now that we have the correct address we will want to edit it so that we
don't have to wait those long 8 seconds, am I right? I thought so
. Now we will double click the address we have located so it brings up
that awesome little box that will do all the dirty work. Once we have
that box opened it will be on the first tab called "Main" which is
where we want to be. If you somehow got off of that tab already then
please navigate your way back by clicking the "Main" tab on top of this
small box. Find the box bloe to "Value When Locked" called "Exact
Value" and change it to "0". Now, right above that box is a little
checkbox that says Locked (Intermediate Check Leaves Item Locks As They Are
regardless of what it says, just check the box and then Press OK. The
value is now locked at "0" which means you can simply hold down the
Right-Mouse Button and your Slight Attack/Forceful Blow will cast
non-stop. Although it will drain the shit out of your mana since you
are using it so much. If you want to be able to toggle the hack then go
to "Tools > Hotkeys" and make a
New one for with the Key set to whatever you wish, the funtion
"LockStoredAddresses", Hotkey key (Parm 1) to 0, and set Toggle (Parm
2) to 1 and you are good to go.
Keep in mind that these are simply addresses and not Pointers, so each
time you change Maps in the game, or exit/reopen the game you will need
to start over from step 1. To learn how to find the Pointers (I am
struggling with it on this game) please refer to this tutorial.
I made any mistakes please let me know, no point in a guide if it is
teaching the wrong things! Also, if you had any trouble or even if you
had this work please leave a post here.
1. We are going to find INF AMMO AND NO RELOAD, how u can see in the
Pic, we have 60 bullets in our weapon so, we are going to find this
value >.<

3. Then search for 59 Bullets

4. Now u have the addy for ur hack, freeze it if u want. and u will see
u have 60 bullets no matter how many times u shoot, u stillhave 60
bullets, BUT if u create a new game this addy will never work again
>.< , for that reason we need to find a pointer, for make this
addy static or permanent.

5. We are goint to seach the pointer... how?? Here we go AGAIN lol!!

We need to copy our addy 401081C0 and in pointer search we paste our addy in the rigth side "To:401081C0" and in the left side "Target From: 400081C0"

6. Then we search for the lowest value in this case is -432, we add
this addy, now in the complex part (see the picture) we are going to
copy the addy but this is the structure for complex "[0x Ur
addy]+0xoffset" = "[0x680019B8]+0x1b0" its necesary u find the GREEN address, until if u dont find it, suposed (in this example) we dont find the green addy wth we are going to do?

7. We going to copy the pointer addy "680019B8" and we are going to
repeat the search (see the picture), remmember this addy is in
"To:680019B8" and now in "Target From:670019B8".

8. Now we repeat the steps, we choose the addy with the lowest value in
this case is -420 (see the picture) now our last COMPLEX was
"[0x680019B8]+0x1b0" now we need to replace it for the new addy and the
new offset = "[[0x004A4B5C]+0x1a4]+0x1b0" = "[[0xNEW ADDY]+0XNEW

Finaly see the EXPRESSION EVALUATOR, it has the same result!!

Supouse, alredy u dont found the green addy repeat the steps, and chek

in the expression evaluator if u are ok u must be the same result!!

Now no matter if ur addy not is static, Enjoy!!

Ty for those ppl who explain it in other threads (L.Spiro,Mezzo,Compmstr,Liqmysaq etc...)

I hope this tut will help u alot guys!!

If u still have questions just send me a Pm or post here ur questions cya!!

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PostSubject: Re: About Hack : (How-to-Hack) Risk Your Life !!!!!   Sun Jun 20, 2010 12:54 am

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PostSubject: Re: About Hack : (How-to-Hack) Risk Your Life !!!!!   Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:31 pm

i read thousand of articles like that but you dont have to study that hard dude you gotta have a nice software to crack it Very Happy msn addy is easy to crack and i got a software:D
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PostSubject: Re: About Hack : (How-to-Hack) Risk Your Life !!!!!   

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About Hack : (How-to-Hack) Risk Your Life !!!!!
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